Our team's experience, marketing knowledge and process-driven approach provides significant added value in helping our clients create a new website or reposition their current website to be more effective in support of their online auction activities.

For those who require a new website, it will be our mission to create a site that will gain visibility and positive marketplace perceptions. This will be accomplished with memorable graphics and content that is simple, clear and creditable and is created to have a very positive impact with site visitors.

For those who want to reposition their website, we begin with a review of your current website. Our focus will be to ensure that the look and content are consistent with the online positioning that we have agreed upon. Our experience shows that many users leave sites when they cannot easily find what they need, so we will also evaluate the site's organization and navigation.

We generally find that the most effective sites incorporate simple and appealing design elements that highlight content and logically lead the visitor from one section to another. As applicable, we will also make recommendations that we believe will enhance the site's effectiveness and then help you implement approved changes or enhancements.

The most important goal of any website is to be attractive and engage visitor interest while clearly stating the benefits offered to the customer. Therefore, our mission will always be to help you develop an attractive site with strong and compelling messaging adapted to appeal to each of your priority target market segments. Your website will provide the foundation for focused branding and online auction promotional activities that will create positive and meaningful marketplace perceptions.


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