Q: From start to finish, how long does it take for Create Auction to setup our auction site?
A: Create Auction will develop your customized Web site and have you up and running within 30 days. If necessary, if you need the site in a rush, we can have it ready for you in just 5 business days.
Q: We are looking to grow both in size and traffic. As a provider, can you support us?
A: Create Auction proprietary auction software, database, and dedicated hosting are scalable to any size.
Q: We want to know if you sell the software or we need to host our site with you in order to use your software?
A: Create Auction provides a turn-key solution which includes hosting.  When you signup we provide a license for your use of the software on the domain name of your choice.  Your domain name is configured and hosted on the Create Auction network.
Q: If our company has specific requirements on the way the auction runs can Create Auction customize the software to our needs?
A: Yes.  Our programming staff can meet your specific requirements.
Q: I run a telephone auction, and I'm not computer savvy.   Can Create Auction help?
A: Yes.  We have experience in transitioning telephone auctions to become an online auction.  The software is as easy to run and we'll train you to run successful auctions - it's easy !
Q: Can I easily manage the administration of our companies auction, or do I need Create Auction support to run the auctions?
A: We provide you secure password protected access to an administrative site which allows you to securely login and manage your auction.
Q: We are interested in a reseller arrangement for your Auction services. We'd like to be able to offer our clients the functionality to set up their own auctions.  Is this possible?
A: Create Auction has a reseller program.  Please contact [email protected].
Q: When you setup the auction for us, can we use our current customer base?
A: Yes.  Create Auction has a procedure setup to format your data and successfully upload to the Create Auction software database.  We accept various formats, and even an Excel spreadsheet. 
Q: Recently we read in the media about a baseball that was sold at auction for a substantial amount, and the high bidder did not pay for the item. What safeguards does Create Auction have for its clients when it is time to collect payments?
A: The item you are referring to was not sold by a Create Auction client.  As with any online auction, there is the potential for the high bidder to not follow through with their purchase(s).  In order to address this activity, Create Auction provides on the registration form a place for new bidders to provide references including their eBay ID.  The references can be checked by the auctioneer to provide a level of comfort that the high bidder will follow through with payment at the completion of the auction.  Create Auction can also provide an SSL encrypted registration page where the registrants billing address can be verified against their credit card.  For high ticket items, Create Auction recommends that the auctioneer verifies the users bank reference.