eBay launched in September of 1995, and within weeks, buyers and sellers began flocking to the service. By definition, an auction creates a format for demand. Competitiveness is a form of human nature, and when combined in an online format with instantaneous bidding, people have an urge to compete for purchases.

eBay went public in September of 1998. On eBay, the total amount of money that flows from transactions on the site, excluding vehicles is over $10 billion per quarter.

eBay is certainly responsible for being the catalyst of the marketplace.

The success of online auction leader eBay has led to a trend of niche auction sites beginning to cash in on this growing marketplace. Niche auction sites are run by an individual or company with expertise. Participants feel as though they are part of a private club where they can uncover special deals. The niche auction attracts avid collectors looking for specialty items. In the private auction, less items are featured to a targeted client base where a higher percentage of items sell, and sell for a premium. In a recent Forbes article, Bill Meyer writes "When it comes to online auctions, EBay is not the only game in town. Many niche auction sites have created thriving markets--and enthusiastic communities--for everything from cigars to vacations."

Create Auction is focused on continuing to ride this trend, and be the leading provider of online auction software solutions. We are concentrating our efforts on utilizing the excitement of the auction process to devise niche auctions that create, enhance and strengthen brands. We provide tools to empower companies that wish to capture their own audience in their own privately branded auction. Our business model has been designed to be scalable to any size auction and for any industry.

As the Internet grows, niche auction sites will continue to grow and flourish. Why not take advantage of what you know. A niche auction targeted toward your specific interest group can be a huge success. Starting your own niche auction helps to strengthen brand identity, portrays you as an "industry authority". With the Create Auction solution, any company can begin its road toward profitable ecommerce today.